Water plays a very important role in your life, not only when it comes to hydration, but when it comes to washing yourself as well. It is very important that in order to keep your skin and hair very healthy, you use clean and clear water. Therefore, what you must do is to purchase a high-quality showerhead filtration system. For the necessary inspiration, take a look at the following best products we have chosen for you.

Top 9 Shower Head Filters Comparison

Photo Model What It Removes Easy Installation Filtration Filter Replacement Warranty Price
1. Aquasana AQ-4105 Over 90% of chlorine Yes Dual-stage filtration After filtering 10000 gallons of water 1 year Check Price
2. AquaBliss SF220 Chlorine, bacteria, pesticides, and heavy metals Yes Multiple filtration stages After purifying 12000 gallons of water 30 days Check Price
3. Homspal 15-Stage Chlorine, harmful materials, and impurities of all kinds Yes 15 stages of filtration Once every 6-8 months Satisfaction guarantee Check Price
4. Aqua Elegante High Output Luxury Removes 95% of chlorine Yes KDF55 media Once every 6 months 30 days Check Price
5. AquaHomeGroup EW-SF-10 Irritants, contaminants, unpleasant odors, heavy metals, and so on Yes 10 filtration stages Once every 6 months Satisfaction guarantee Check Price
6. Barclay’s Buys Clearly Pure 80-90% of chlorine and dissolved solids Yes 3-stage filtration Once every 6 months 1 year Check Price
7. ClearlyC ET2705-2 Chlorine, heavy metals, minerals, impurities Yes Dual-stage filtration After purifying 10000 gallons of water N/A Check Price
8. Cedar & Citrus CC22000002 Inline SPA Chlorine Yes KDF55 media Once every 9-12 months 30 days Check Price
9. ZenFresh High-Pressure Water-Saving Ionic Chlorine Yes 3 layers of mineralized spheres N/A 30 days Check Price

The Shower Filtration Systems Evaluation

Aquasana AQ-4105

Exposure to harsh chlorine can lead to a series of skin health issues, and the Aquasana filtration system tends to get rid of this problem by reducing chlorine content in the water you bathe with. As a result of this change, not only will your skill look better and be healthier, but your hair will benefit as well. Easy to install, maintain, and coming at an affordable price, it boasts a rated capacity of 10000 gallons, so you can breathe easy knowing that the first major replacement will be done after 6 months at least, depending on how much water your household consumes when bathing. To ensure a dramatic reduction of chlorine in the water, it passes it through 2 different filtration stages without any pressure loss occurring before your skin is touched by the liquid. Best of all, the manufacturing company, Aquasana, backs it with a 1-year warranty against any defects.
Aquasana AQ-4105

Filtration Media

As aforementioned, the water is passed through 2 separate filtration stages before it touches your skin and hair. During these filtration stages, a coconut shell carbon media is employed, which tends to the removal of chlorine and any synthetic chemical while enhancing the pH level of the water to rebalance it, and a KDF 55 media is used to further reduce the remaining chlorine content.


As the system provides a 10000-gallon rated capacity, it’s clear that no matter how large your household is how often you bathe, you won’t have to replace the cartridge all that often. This means that maintenance costs are reduced, and you are not required to do bothersome chores only once every 6 months or so. Additionally, not only is the system itself quite cheap, but the replacement cartridge is on the cheap side as well.

Mention Worthy Details
  • Delivers a maximum flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute.
  • The maximum operating temperature is 115 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Helps enhance the effectiveness of your hair treatments and bath products.
  • Provides an operating pressure range from 30 to 80 PSI.

What helps make it so effective is the unique upflow design it boasts that prevents the filtration media from clogging. Additionally, this ingenious design style helps retain the height of the shower head to not make your experience any different when you are bathing, and it preserves water pressure so that no loss is experienced, the direct result being an increased water contact time.

High chlorine removal rate ensures clean bathing water
Does not require professional installation
Coconut shell carbon media cleans the water and removes unwanted odors
Up to standards due to NSF certification

As it is ensured to leave the water you bathe with free of chlorine or at least only small traces of the substance to be found in it, this Aquasana system effectively tends to helping your hair and skin look and feel healthier. Furthermore, as it is manufactured by a trustworthy brand, you can rest assured knowing that there is no reason to doubt its durability and overall quality.

AquaBliss SF220

The SF220 has become a best seller not only due to the fact that it comes at an accessible price, but because it provides superior filtration capabilities as well. This multi-stage system features universal connections that make it a perfect fit for all shower types. Also, the easy installation does not require the use of any tools and it is a process that lasts a few minutes. The multiple stages of filtration that it passes the water you bathe with through guarantee that contaminants like heavy metals, chlorine, pesticides, bacteria, and heavy metals won’t be present in it anymore. Also, it inhibits the growth of mold, algae, and fungi for your safety. Additionally, the cartridge that it features requires replacement only once every 6 months or after purifying up to 12000 gallons of water. Thus, there won’t be much maintenance work on it either.

Not much maintenance work is required with it Does not come at a cheap price
Tool-less installation can be performed in a matter of minutes
Removes dangerous contaminants, including chlorine, bacteria, and pesticides
Universal connections ensure it will be a perfect fit

A stylish addition which does not only pretty up your bathing space but delivers clean, safe water to use while you wash your hair and body, the AquaBliss is one of our top recommendations to you if you care about the way you look and feel. What surprises the most when it comes to this system is the 12000-gallon lifespan, an aspect which more than compensates for the rather spicy pricing.

Homspal 15-Stage

One of the most prolific filtration systems you will encounter on the market, the Homspal passes the water through 15 separate filtration stages. Thus, you are ensured to take showers of a never before seen cleanliness from the point of installing this system. During these stages, the water is passed through a stainless steel mesh media, an ultra-fine stainless steel mesh, a micro-porous PP cotton, a KDF55 filter, calcium sulfate, activated carbon, medical stone, ceramic balls, mineralized balls, magnetic energy balls, vitamin C, alkaline balls, micro-porous PP cotton, an ultra-fine stainless steel mesh, and a stainless steel mesh media. With an easy installation which does not require the use of tools and only takes a few minutes to perform, you get to enjoy washing with clean water as soon as you bring it home. Furthermore, it requires tending to only once every 6-8 months, so not a lot of maintenance work is needed.

There is another, cheaper model similar to this one, more precisely a 10-stage model
Tool-free installation takes only a few minutes
If you are not pleased with it, you can return the filtration system and receive a full refund
It helps improve air quality in the bathroom as chlorine vapors are not released into the air anymore

Boasting a simple installation and passing the water you bathe with through 15 different stages during which any and all contaminants which might lurk in it are eliminated, this is a system we strongly recommend you look into. As you start using it, you will notice a major improvement in the way your skin, hair, and nails look.

Aqua Elegante High Output Luxury

It can remove heavy metals and it can reduce chlorine up to 95%. The KDF 55 purification media that it comes with effectively removes even heavy metals from the water. Your skin will become softer and your hair will be rejuvenated if you install it. Furthermore, it can relieve sensitivities, meaning that skin irritations and rashes won’t appear anymore after you take a shower. This is all due to the fact that you won’t be absorbing unhealthy chemicals anymore. This wonderful non-toxic system kills bacteria and inhibits the growth of scale, mold, lime, and fungi, without actually sacrificing water pressure as well. All in all, the Aqua Elegante is a great product that is definitely worth every penny.

Capable of removing chlorine and heavy metals with ease Only warranted for 30 days
Instant skin and hair health boost after using it
Inhibits growth of scale and bacteria
Does not affect water pressure when in use

Although it is not backed by the lengthiest warranty out there, this filtration system makes for a great purchase as it effortlessly removes chlorine and heavy metals from the water you bathe with, thus ensuring your hair and skin will look better than ever. Furthermore, it is quite reasonably priced when compared to other top of the line products in its niche.

AquaHomeGroup EW-SF-10

As it passes the water through 10 different filtration stages, it is ensured that this media is what you need if you want to have healthy, beautiful skin and hair. It features two steel meshes that act as additional protection and remove any remaining dust and particles, granulated activated coconut carbon media that remove chlorine, chloramine, chemicals, impurities, trihalomethanes, and VOCs, a polypropylene cotton structure which removes sediments, bacteria, rust, and turbidities, a KDF-55 media that reduces heavy metals and hydrogen sulfide, a calcium sulfite media that removes chlorine and heavy metals, alkaline ceramic balls that revitalize the water, energy ceramic balls which provide a far infrared therapy, and ceramic balls with ions that prevent the increase and appearance of colibacillus and staphylococcus. As it is easy to install, quite affordable, and, as aforementioned, tends to an almost complete removal of water impurities, it is a system you need to install if you want to take safe showers, that’s for sure.

Prevents skin and respiratory diseases from ever affecting you
6-month routine replacement of filtration media makes it hassle-free
Easy to install, and maintenance work is a cinch
Comes at a quite affordable price

The effective 10-stage filtration process through which this system passes the water you use when you bathe makes it highly desirable in all households. With it, you are sure to have healthier looking skin and hair than you ever did.

Barclay’s Buys Clearly Pure

As it is able to reduce chlorine and dissolved solids that lurk in the water you bathe with up to 80-90%, the Clearly Pure is a smart acquisition for any health-conscious person. It contains 3 components that help with the purification process, more precisely an ion box, calcium sulfite stones, and a filter sponge. In addition, the cartridge requires replacement only once every 6-8 months, depending on your water use, so you won’t have big costs with it. The high pressure of 2.5 gallons per minute ensures the water stream won’t be affected by this installation. It puts 3 convenient operational settings at your disposal to make bath time a ton of fun, settings that you can switch between with the help of the toggle it features. These settings include non-pulsating massage, rainfall, and a combined mode of the aforementioned settings. Furthermore, the manufacturing company provides a 1-year warranty against defects.

Provides a high operating pressure of up to 2.5 gallons per minute Doesn’t remove as many different types of impurities as other systems do
Puts 3 settings at your disposal – Massage, Rainfall, and Combined
Micro-hole technology ensures water waste won’t ensue
Low asking price

As it thoroughly eliminates chlorine and dissolved solids, this system leaves behind clean and soft water for you to bathe with. It is an interesting entry that we recommend as it provides you with 3 operational settings that will make bath time more fun, and it uses the latest technologies to ensure of the fact that water waste won’t occur.

ClearlyC ET2705-2

Tired of dry and frizzy hair? Want to have eczema-free skin that doesn’t itch after every shower? The ClearlyC system ensures all this and much more as it helps remove harmful contaminants lurking in the water, eliminating chlorine at a high rate of up to 99%. As you no longer inhale chlorine when you bathe, the health of your lungs will be boosted as well, so you can add improvement of air quality to the list of benefits that accompany this system. It comes with a spare cartridge, and seeing how the cartridge needs to be replaced after approximately 6 months, you are covered for an entire year due to the addition of the extra cartridge. In addition, the system is easy to install, no tools being required for the procedure, so you can confidently do it on your own.

High chlorine removal rate – up to 99% Some customers have complained that the threads are a bit loose fitting
Comes with a spare cartridge
Inhibits the growth of organic substances
Tool-free installation – easy and quick procedure

As it purifier water at any temperature, this easy to install system ensures that chlorine and other harmful impurities won’t touch your skin or a strand of your hair when you bathe, making you look and feel better and healthier than ever.

Cedar & Citrus CC22000002 Inline SPA

The Inline SPA has a KDF-55 filter that effectively removes chlorine, sediment, and bad odors from the water you bathe with. This chlorine-free system will help you have a softer, sleeker hair, and a smoother skin. For the installation procedure, you will not need any sort of tools whatsoever. Furthermore, the cartridge is removable, and therefore, is easily replaceable, without actually discarding the housing. Best of all, the cartridge does not need to be replaced too often, this task needing to be done only once every 9-12 months. Unlike inferior carbon filters, the Inline SPA is efficient for use in hot water up to 212°F. In addition, it retains its power for up to 1 year, so it is easy to understand why this wonderful product is worth your attention.

No more unpleasant odors Short 30-day warranty
Better health ensured by lack of chlorine in your bathing water
Maintenance work is not required often
Comes at an affordable price

As the only flaw is the fact that it is not backed by a lengthy warranty, it is more than obvious why it appears in our top. To put it in simpler words, when it comes down to operation efficiency and quality, this is a product that is definitely hard to top.

ZenFresh High-Pressure Water-Saving Ionic

The ZenFreshIonic comes equipped with a filtered body spray that purifies the water very well and rejuvenates your skin so that you can look fresher and younger as well. Thanks to the perforated technology, a great amount of water will be saved without actually sacrificing the water pressure. With it, a luxurious spa experience will definitely be provided, all without paying a top of money for it. Your skin will be smoother, and the oil secretion will be highly reduced, due to the fact that the bioactive stones will restore balance in oil glands. The ZenFresh Ionic is very easy to install as well, this being another pro that we cannot overlook, the entire installation procedure taking only minutes.

Does not sacrifice water pressure when operating Is not backed by a generous warranty
Helps reduce oil secretion to leave your skin feeling smoother
Installation process takes only a few minutes
Highly affordable product

Last we have a cheap yet effective water filtration system which is sure to leave your hair and skin looking and feeling smoother than ever as it eliminates chlorine from the water you bathe with. Best of all, it comes at a really cheap price that makes it a real bang for your buck.

Ratings Criteria Explained

While there is a long list of traits, specs, and features that define each product on the market, the systems that deliver on some flanks are bound to receive higher ratings due to their higher efficiency. To provide you with the best that this market has to offer, we took certain criteria into consideration more when ranking them.

Rating Criteria How System Quality Is Impacted Product to Receive the Best Score
Amount of purification stages As the water is passed through a higher number of purification stages before it hits your skin or a strand of your hair, it is bound to be cleaner, and thus safer. Evidently, this implies that systems that pass the water through more purification stages are of a higher quality. Homspal 15-Stage
Cartridge replacement frequency The only maintenance task that is required of you with these systems is to perform cartridge replacements on time. Otherwise, purification efficiency drops, and the whole purpose of the system is defeated. The frequency at which you have to perform these replacements weighs in the quality of the system as it shows not only how much maintenance work is required of you, but how big are the implied upkeep costs. Cedar & Citrus CC22000002 Inline SPA
Chlorine removal efficiency Chlorine is the worst contaminant when it comes to the water you bathe with as it not only has deteriorating properties when it enters into contact with your skin and hair, producing rashes and dandruff, but it also alters the quality of the air you breathe in the bathroom. As you bathe with warm or hot water, the steam released into the air is filled with chlorine, thus breathing it in and affecting your lungs. ClearlyC ET2705-2
Amount of removed contaminants The total amount of contaminants the system helps remove is the best indicator of its water purification efficiency. The higher the number is, the better as it means that even if there are uncommon contaminants polluting the water, the system is likely to handle removing them. AquaHomeGroup EW-SF-10
Bacteria/organic matter growth inhibiting capabilities Undoubtedly, the most dangerous contaminants that could lurk in the water you bathe with are organic matter and bacteria as they might cause health issues like infections to arise. Thus, their elimination and the inhibiting of their growth is necessary if you want to bathe healthily. AquaBliss SF220, Aqua Elegante High Output Luxury, AquaHomeGroup EW-SF-10, ClearlyC ET2705-2

Why You Should Make the Acquisition

It is commonly known that water can be filled with contaminants that affect you not only on the inside but also on the outside. When you take a shower, your body gets into contact with many impurities that make it feel dry and itchy, not to mention that the steam you inhale is full of bacteria and germs. If installing a water filter is an expensive solution for your bathroom, you can always resort to these systems for many reasons:

  • They are affordable: compared to water filters that cost hundreds of dollars, you can find great products for a third of the price.
  • They are easy to install: these systems require no plumbing and all you have to do to enjoy their efficiency is to mount them on your existing showerhead.
  • They significantly improve the quality of the water: once you start using it, you will enjoy softer water with fewer bacteria and sediments that could affect the aspect of your skin and hair.

How to Clean It

Once you buy the water purification system, you are required to do regular maintenance work on it for it to perform at its peak. As the product removes chlorine and other contaminants from the water you bathe with, inevitably, it will be affected as well, so it is essential to care for it in order to prevent anything from happening.

The task of cleaning it should be performed only once every couple of months, so there is no need to worry that you might lose too much time on it. The items that you need for this task are a replacement cartridge, a cleaner, vinegar, a pan, a sponge, and pliers.

What you must first do is to unscrew the shower head in order to get to it. Unscrew it and remove the top of the filter and the cartridge. For this procedure, you might need to use pliers when loosening the swivel nut that holds the pieces together.

Use clean water and a sponge to clean it. In case you notice gunk or mildew in hard to reach places, soak the pieces in a pan that is filled with water and the cleaner solution. Install the new cartridge according to the instructions only when it has been thoroughly cleaned. Afterward, simply reassemble the system.

Before you reinstall the piece, clean the arm and head with vinegar and water. Also, use a sponge to get rid of mildew or dirt. When everything is clean, you can reassemble the shower filter, arm, and head, and proceed to bathe with clean water.

What Lurks in Shower Water?

As we are talking about the water we bathe with, it is understandable why it must be clear of any health-threatening contaminants as they enter into direct contact with our skin. Furthermore, the steam created in the shower causes us to inhale impurities directly into our lungs, which could lead to serious health complications depending on what exactly is lurking in the air. However, to better perceive the importance of a filtration system and to be more aware of the dangers that await you if you don’t take proper cautionary measures, we will show you exactly what is most likely lurking into the water you shower with and how it impacts your state of health.

  • Chlorine: The most common contaminant found in municipal water systems, chlorine is present in high amounts as it serves the purpose of killing dangerous pathogens in the water. While its importance is not negligible, there is the issue that its properties affect your skin as well, destroying the bacteria that naturally grows on it and that protects you from various diseases by making you less susceptible to them.
  • Calcium and magnesium: While these are two minerals which is preferable for you to consume in order to upkeep your immune system, when they are present in the pipes, they cause lime buildup to appear.
  • Pesticides and herbicides: As they were used to increase crop production in the past, pesticides and herbicides made their way through the ground where they reached the groundwater, contaminating it. The contact between these toxic substances and your skin can lead to the appearance of rashes, irritations, and other health complications.
  • Bacteria: The presence of bacteria and germs in the water you bathe with is inevitable without the addition of a filtration system. Obviously, the contact between the harmful microorganisms and your skin causes irritations and other health issues to arise, while the inhalation of bacteria-filled vapors that are released through steam can cause a rapid downfall of your immune system, exposing you to the appearance of diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What contaminants does it reduce/remove?
Primarily, it focuses on removing chlorine, the most common and abundant contaminant found in the water we bathe with. However, a complete list of contaminants that it helps reduce or remove depends from one model to another as it can fluctuate according to the actual filtration media used in its manufacturing. Generally, high-quality systems help remove scale and heavy metals that are soluble in water.

2Will water pressure drop after installing it?
Some systems feature the same GPM rating as the flow regulation of your shower does – 2.5 gallons per minute. Any value less than this indicates that water flow will be subjected to a significant drop after installing the filtration unit.

3Will it help soften hard water?
While the role of the system is to make the water you bathe with healthy and safe for your skin, this does not mean that it will solve you of all your issues. Thus, it does not actually soften the water directly but rather indirectly as a consequence of the fact that it removes high amounts of chlorine and other chemical contaminants from the water.

A lot of skin problems can be fixed if you make sure you are bathing with soft, impurity-free water. This also applies to the health of your hair and the way it looks, feeling a lot better with yourself and your hair looking gorgeous at all times if the water you bathe with is clean. As you already understood by reading the rest of our article, this is not possible without the addition of a water purification system. The Aquasana AQ-4105 is the best choice you could make as it utilizes a complex 2-stage filtration to remove over 90% of the chlorine residing in the water you bathe with. Furthermore, you can install it on your own as this is not a complicated procedure, and it can purify up to 10 thousand gallons of water before it needs to be replaced. Almost as qualitative as the first entry in our top is the AquaBliss SF220 which can clean up to 12 thousand gallons of water before it requires replacement, and that removes most contaminants lurking in the water you bathe with, including bacteria, chlorine, herbicides, and pesticides. However, if a budget-smart option is what interests you most, we recommend the ZenFresh High-Pressure Water-Saving Ionic that does not only come at a cheap price, but helps greatly improve water quality, being even capable of helping you reduce oil secretion in order to leave your skin feeling smooth and silky.

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