The Best Water Ionizers Reviews

A lot of people are hyped about alkaline ionized water, and it’s easy to understand why, this water having superior hydrating capabilities. But buying it is a bad idea in the long run as you will end up paying a lot of money. To benefit from drinking alkaline ionized water whenever you want and in a more advantageous manner, you should invest in a top of the line water ionizer like the ones shown in the comparison table below.

Top 5 Water Ionizers Comparison

1. Tyent UCE-11 2. Next Generation M9 UC Life Ionizer 3. Air Water Life Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 4. Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer 5. Bawell Premier Alkaline Ionized Water Ionizer


Manufacturer Tyent USA Life Ionizers Air Water Life Bawell Bawell
Model Tyent UCE-11 M9UC Next Generation AWL-7000 2195 1195
Dimensions 18.5″ x 17.5″ x 8″ 13″ x 6″ x 13″ 5.2″ x 4.3″ x 13″ 11.8″ x 15.2″ x 6.2″ 7.9″ x 7.4″ x 12.6″
Weight 18.4 Lbs 25 Lbs 11.4 Lbs 11 Lbs 10 Lbs
Color Silver Black Silver Silver Silver
Installation Under sink Under counter Counter with optional under sink kit Connect to faucet or water line under sink Connect to faucet


Rated Voltage 110-240 A.C.50/60Hz 110V 110V-120V A.C. 60Hz 110-220V A.C. 50/60Hz 110-220V A.C. 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 750 watts 500 watts 150 watts 180 watts 160 watts
Power System SMPS Switch Mode Power Supply MAX Yield SMPS Switch Mode Power Supply Tansformer Power SMPS Switch Mode Power Supply Transformer Power
Surface Area 385 square inches N/A 115 square inches 144 square inches 81 square inches
Plates 11 9 7 7 5
Plate Material Solid/Mesh Hybrid Medical grade, strengthened titanium plates—dipped multiple times in platinum Titanium/Platinum Plates Coated titanium plates Titanium Platinum Coated Plates Solid Medical Grade Titanium plates coated with Medical Grade Platinum
Power Settings 3 Alkaline, 3 Acidic, 1 Turbo, 1 Neutral level 1 purified, 3 acidic, 4 alkaline 4 ionized alkaline unceasingly variable; 2 ionized acidic presets; 1 non-ionized cleansed 5 power settings 3 alkaline, 2 acidic , 1 neutral purified water level
pH Range 1.7-12.0 2.0-11.5 4.0-11.0 3.0 to 11.5 Pre-Programmed 2.0 to 12.0 Capable 3.2-10.0
Negative ORP Levels up to -1050 up to -800 +600 to -850 +600 to -800 +600 to -420
Filter Life 6-8 months depending on use N/A 1585 gallons/6000 liters 1585 gallons/6000liters 1585 gallons/6000liters
Water flow rate up to 4 liters per minute over 5 liters per minute 3 liters per minute 1 gallon every 30 seconds 1 gallon every 90 seconds
Filtration Dual filters Ultra filtration 0.01 Micron Dual internal filters with custom pre-filter system Single Filter Dual Filter Single Filter


Self-Cleaning Function
Digital Display LCD LED LCD LCD LCD

Additional Features

Turbo Function Vitamin C Ceramic Block Filter Technology Ultra-Responsive Touch Controls 8 Pre-Programmed Levels Built-in Compartiment
One Touch Technology Life Grid Technology State-of-the-Art Electroplate Technology Voice Function Acidic Water Level Indicator
Voice Function UV Light Technology Advanced 7-Electroplate Design Electrolytic Antibacterial System Alkaline Level Water Indicator
ABT EFT Energy Frequency Technology Filter Warning
PAST Laser Light Energy Technology
Flood Prevention Sensors GRID Plates

Important Contaminants that it Removes

Heavy Metals

Warranty & Certifications

Warranty Lifetime Warranty for Parts and Labor Lifetime Warranty for Parts and Labor Lifetime Warranty Lifetime Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Money Back Guarantee 60 Days 60 Days 60 Days 60 Days
Certifications For Product Quality And Safety CE Insignia, CB Scheme for Electrical Equipment,UL Collaborative Standards Development System, CSA, ANSI Accredited, Good Manufacturing Practice, TUV Rheinland Product Safety, KFDA Certified Medical Device Industry Leading Certifications, Physicians Desktop Reference, WQA Gold Seal Certified 100% Lead Free, Certified for use as a medical device by the KFDA FDA Approved Plastics, ETL Certified Made with BPA free FDA approved food grade plastic components Made with BPA free FDA approved food grade plastic components

2018 Water Ionizer Reviews

1. Tyent UCE-11

Undoubtedly, the UCE-11 is the best water ionizer on the market. It might be a costly investment, but it’s one worth making as it has been declared the best model on the market between the years 2012 and 2017. It features 11 platinum coated plates and two internal filters that remove 99.9% of the contaminants lurking in the water. It can produce water that has a pH from 1.7 to 12, and the negative ORP levels of the ionizer can reach up to -1050. When it comes to the settings that you can choose from, it offers 3 acidic settings, a turbo setting, a neutral setting, and 3 alkaline settings. An important feature of this unit is the automatic self-cleaning capability that it boasts and that guarantees it will perform at its peak for a long time without requiring much in the way of maintenance work. Another highlight of this model is the fact that it is very easy to use, the LCD display that it features making it intuitive. It can filter up to 4 liters of water per minute and it is capable of removing impurities as small as 0.01 microns. The filters require to be replaced only once every 6 to 8 months, depending on how much you use it. Additionally, it’s backed up by a lifetime warranty, so regardless of what happens to it and when it will be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer free of charge. Of course, this lifetime warranty is available as long as you make sure to use the ionizer properly, as instructed in the user manual that it comes with.



Delivers impurity-free alkaline water on demand
Allows you to choose the alkalinity or acidity level of the water you use/consume
Little maintenance work is required for it
Voice support when using the ionizing machine for a hassle-free operation
Overflow prevention ensures safety in use
Backed by a lifetime warranty


Undoubtedly, this is the best water ionizing machine out there as it boasts an unsurpassable performance. What makes it so qualitative is the plethora of features that accompany it, by far, the most important being the 11 plates that help make the electrolysis process go fast and smooth. If money is an issue for you, it might not be an accessible purchase. However, if your budget allows you to invest in it, we strongly recommend this ionizing machine as it allows versatility in use, giving you the possibility to choose how alkaline or acidic the water you use or drink should be, and more.

2. Next Generation M9 UC Life Ionizer

Reaching an alkaline body state requires major lifestyle changes, the most prominent of them all being changing the water that you hydrate with. The M9 water ionizer proves to be an exceptional choice when it comes to raising your body’s alkalinity as it delivers fresh and clean alkaline water for daily consumption. It’s one of the most convenient to use ionizing machines on the market right now as it converts between countertop and under counter with ease. Thus, regardless of the type of installation you’re interested in, the product delivers it. The 9 titanium plates that it features make it one of the best performing units in its category and a staple product in its niche. It doesn’t stray from allowing you complete freedom of use as all of its settings can be customized to your preference with the simple touch of a button. Undoubtedly, the setting that you care the most is the pH range that it offers. You will be glad to know that it ranges from 2.0 to 11.5, so regardless of how alkaline or acidic you want the water you’re consuming or using to be, the ionizer will allow you to make the choice to prefer. Another interesting spec that makes it a compelling purchase is the 5 liters per minute water flow that makes it one of the best performing ionizing machines as no time is lost on producing high-quality, healthy alkaline water. Additionally, it features UV light technology in order to ensure bacteria and germ-free drinking water, making your health and well-being its top priority.



UV technology ensures you will drink bacteria-free water Expensive price
Effectively removes chlorine and chloramine to deliver great tasting and smelling water
Puts 8 power settings at your disposal so you have freedom of choice
Does not consume a lot of electricity to run
Impressive flow rate of over 5 liters per minute ensures convenience in use
Manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for the product


Although this ionizer comes at a quite expensive price, it is worth every cent as it delivers superior quality alkaline water to hydrate with. Designed to be as versatile as possible, you will find it useful in a wide range of situation due to the 8 separate power settings it puts at your disposal. The titanium plates that it features alone make it an option worth checking out and settling for. Additionally, it comes with a dual filtration system that enhances its water purification capabilities. Overall, an option you must take into consideration if you are looking for quality beyond expectations.

3. Air Water Life Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7.0

The state of the art electroplate technology that this Air Water Life ionizing machine features is one of the traits that make it the most desirable product in its niche. What makes this feature so efficient in the makeup of the ionizer is the fact that it enhances conductivity, supporting a continuous electrolysis process at a high current density. Thus, the results it provides in terms of quality alkaline water for consumption far outweigh what you would expect from ionizing machines. Best of all, its price tag makes it one of the most affordable machines out there. The ultra-responsive touch controls that it features make it highly intuitive to use, thus being a perfect option even for those who are not tech-savvy at all. Also, they make your life easier as you don’t have to sit through complicated processes when choosing the water’s pH level. Since we’re on this subject, you should know that the pH level range it offers is between 4.0 and 11.0. Thus, you have variety when it comes to the acidic or alkaline levels of the water that you intend to consume and use for all types of purposes. With a flow rate of 3 liters per minute, it’s no wonder that it ranks so high on this competitive market. As it uses a single filtration media, there isn’t much maintenance work to worry about and maintenance costs are not high either. In addition, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty that shows how serious the manufacturer is when it comes to the product’s quality.



Uses 7 titanium coated plates for the electrolysis process Single filter design does not make it as effective in contamination removal as other ionizing machines are
Easy to use interface ensures hassle-free operation
Removes a plethora of contaminants from the water to protect your health and well-being
It supports continuous electrolysis even at a high current density
Self-cleaning function alongside the overall design of the machine ensure it is maintenance-free
Backed by a lifetime warranty


If you do not want to stress yourself with regular maintenance work, the Air Water Life 7.0 is the right choice for you. Not only does it exceed expectations when it comes to performance, but it can be yours for a small sum of money when compared to other high-end water ionizing machines. Easy to use and ready to deliver alkaline water on demand whenever you want, it is our recommendation for you if you don’t want an overly complicated appliance.