The contaminants found in tap water are no longer a secret and the fact that the municipality puts little efforts in solving this problem is also known. Hard water is also a common problem found in many households and its effects can be seen in the limescale deposits on dishes, tiles, appliances, and even on the skin of whoever uses the water. This means that each person must take the matter into their own hands and do their best to find the best solution to eliminate the risk of contracting a waterborne disease and to fight the effects of hard water. The biggest hope rises with the development of whole house and softener filters that have the ability to fight all these problems at a time, this being the reason why every home should have a unit like this.


Top 3 Whole House Water Softener Systems Comparison


1. Pelican Whole House Salt Free Softener with UV

2. Aquasana Whole House Salt-Free Softener & UV

3. Crystal Quest Whole House Water Softener

  Pelican Whole House Filter and Salt Free Softener with UV Image 1,000,000 Gallon Whole House Water Filter with Salt-Free Softener, UV Filtration and Professional Installation Kit Image Crystal Quest Water Softener and Whole House Filter Image
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Product Specifications

Manufacturer Pelican Water Aquasana CrystalQuest
Capacity of Filter 1,000,000 gallons/3.78 million liters 1,000,000 gallons/3.78 million liters 750,000 gallons/2.83 million liters
Sediment Pre-Filter/Sediment Filter Sediment Pre-Filter Sediment Pre-Filter Sediment Filter
Filtration Method GAC KDF GAC/KDF
Contaminant Removal 97% 97% 99%
Operating Temperature 36-120 °F/2-48°C 40-90 °F/5-32°C 40-100°F/5-38°C
Operating Pressure 25-80 PSI 20-100 PSI 20-125 PSI
Flow Rate 15 GPM 7 GPM 11 GPM

The Most Important Contaminant Removal

Chlorine Yes Yes Yes
Chloramine Yes No No
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) Yes Yes Yes
Industrial Solvents Yes Yes Yes
Pesticides Yes Yes Yes
Herbicides Yes Yes Yes

Additional Information

Inhibits Bacterial Growth Yes Yes No
Keeps Beneficial Minerals Yes Yes Yes
Salt Free Water Softener Yes Yes No
NSF Certified Yes Yes Yes

Filter Replacement

Sediment Pre-Filter/Sediment Filter 6-9 months 2-3 months N/A
Tank 5 years or 1,000,000 Gal. 10 years or 1,000,000 Gal. 5-7 years or 750,000 Gal.

Warranty & Support

Warranty Limited Warranty on Tanks and Parts 10-year Warranty 10-year Warranty on Resin Tank and Brine Tank Assembly; 5-year Warranty on all Computer Monitored Control Valves
Customer Support Yes Yes Yes

Reviews of the Best Whole House Water Softeners

  • Pelican Whole House Filter and Salt Free Softener with UV

If you are looking for a unit that can remove water contaminants while fighting the hard water, this is the one to go with. Pelican has outdone themselves with this product that incorporates the latest technologies in water filtration. It can handle cold and hot water as well so you will enjoy clean and soft water for bathing and it maintains a high flow rate regardless the impurities it collects. The granular activated carbon cartridge and the prefilter do a great job in removing up to 97% of the contaminants found in tap water. Plus, the salt-free softener will solve the hard water problem so you will enjoy the highest quality water. In addition, the system features a UV light that inhibits the growth of bacteria to complete the water sanitation protection. Th unit can last for around 10 years and enjoys a limited warranty for both filter cartridges and the tanks.

  • Aquasana 1,000,000 Gallon Whole House Water Filter with Salt-Free Softener and UV Filtration

This water filter is another wise choice mainly due to its high performance in eliminating water contaminants, which relies on an innovative technology called kinetic degradation fluxion. This consists of a fine porosity alloy filter that, in combination with the sediment prefilter, can remove up to 97% of the impurities in the tap water. Moreover, there is a salt-free water softener included that manages to make the water softener while keeping the good minerals in it. The Aquasana combo system can handle high water temperatures and pressures but provides a lower flow rate, something that could seem a concern. However, due to the excellent performance, the complete protection provided by the UV filtration and the 10-year warranty, we rated this unit as the second best choice for any home.

  • Crystal Quest Water Softener and Whole House Filter

Last but not least, we recommend the Crystal Quest filter and softener that is a more affordable choice that tries to meet the standards of the previous two. And it does a very good job as it can be used on both hot and cold water, it withstands high water pressures, and it provides an 11 GPM flow rate. One feature worth mentioning is the combination of granular activated carbon and kinetic degradation fluxion cartridges along with a sediment prefilter, which increases the efficiency of this unit. The water softener is not salt-free, which is a drawback, but it still provides enough protection against hard water. Also, the unit lacks a UV light to handle bacteria in the water but, yet again, this product is a fair deal for its price. Let’s not forget that it also comes with a 10-year warranty on the tanks and 5 years on the computer-controlled valves, which is another advantage of an affordable item.

Important Things to Know about Whole House Water Filters and Softeners

  • Whole house water filters are installed on the main water pipe that supplies your home with water so they manage to solve the water safety issue at every water source, be it a tap or a shower. Although these units cost more than regular under counter or faucet filters, their extended efficiency makes up for the investment. The cartridges used by this type of filter are various and most of the times, you will find units with more than one filter cartridge for increased performance in eliminating as much as 99% of the water impurities.
  • Water softeners are devices that handle the hard water issue by removing the minerals responsible for the residues that are left on every item you wash with water. These devices use a type of technology that attracts the minerals in the water in order to make it softer and more beneficial. Although the damage hard water does is not related to your health, it is a matter that should concern you if you want to improve the quality of the water you use.

The Benefits of Using these Devices

The benefits of whole house water filters

Having a filter that will remove all the impurities from the water you use for drinking, cooking, and bathing means you will enjoy an overall improved lifestyle condition. You will manage to cover all your clean water needs so that you will only get into contact with clean and fresh water.

  • One of the most important reasons why you should opt for a whole house water filter is the fact that you will eliminate the need for a separate filter on every faucet in your house. The investment will be smaller, the installation work will be easier, and the maintenance, in the long run, will be limited as well. Most whole house water filters only require first-level plumbing that you can do yourself and the fact that you will only have to replace one filter cartridge also means less work to be done.
  • Not having to deal with contaminated water automatically brings a wide range of health benefits. You will be kept safe from waterborne diseases, thus you will protect the health of your entire family. Given how dirty tap water usually is, clean water for drinking and cooking should become a top priority and the whole house water filter is the most reliable item for the job. You can now rest assured knowing that your family will no longer be threatened by the contaminants found in tap water.
  • Your food will also taste better if you cook it with filtered water because there will be no more impurities to alter its taste and smell. Get ready to enjoy a tastier cup of coffee and to eat food that tastes the way it should. Also, you will be able to wash your fruits and vegetables with clean water, thus eliminating the risk of contracting a bacteria.
  • The effects of clean and healthy water will also be visible on the outside as you will no longer have to bath in water filled with sediment, minerals, and bacteria. You will be protected against allergies, irritations and rashes often seen in people with sensitive skin and your hair will also look shinier and healthier.

The benefits of water softeners

Hard water is a common problem found in many homes and it can affect the functioning of your appliances, the durability of your water pipes, and the way you look. The fact that water softeners can deal with this problem is what makes these devices so useful and almost essential in any home.

  • Since hard water can cause limescale deposits on the main components of your appliances, you can say that getting a water softener is the best thing you can do to extend the lifespan of the appliances that use water. You will manage to protect items like your washing machine, dishwasher, dryer, and coffee maker so you will prevent further repairs caused by limescale damage.
  • Hard water also affects your skin and hair because the mineral particles are very harsh and can cause irritations. Washing your clothes in hard water can worsen your sensitive skin problems because minerals stick to the fibers and get into contact with your skin. Using the water softener will ensure the proper care for your skin and will help you improve your aspect.
  • Due to the fact that soap crud will be greatly reduced, you won’t have to do as much housework as you used to, cleaning being made easy with the simple addition of a water softener.
  • It might sound surprising at first, but installing a water softener will actually help a lot when it comes to the production of hot water. Water heaters perform at a more efficient rate when they have to heat up softened water due to the fact that it doesn’t have the same chemical structure as hard water. Therefore, you will actually improve energy consumption by making this addition to your home.
  • Due to the fact that there will be reduced costs on the energy bills, your appliances will be better protected, and the pipes won’t have limescale deposits on them, thus not needing to be replaced, you will save a lot of money in the long run. This means that the money you invest in a water softener will feel like nothing compared to how much money you save when you look at the big picture.

Nevertheless, finding one product that includes all the benefits of both these devices means you will solve many problems in one shot. Such a unit will treat your water for contaminants and hardness, guaranteeing that all the water you use at home is perfectly clean and healthy.

What to Look For in a Whole House and Sediment Filter

When you shop for a device that will filter your water and remove the damaging minerals from it, you must be aware of some aspects that influence its performance. By reading our helpful buying guide, you will increase your chances of finding the most reliable unit so your investment will not be questioned.

  • A high filtering capacity

  • The filtering capacity of a whole house water filter and softener indicates how many gallons of water it can filter before needing a tank replacement. There are units that can last for as much as 10 years or 1,000,000 gallons of water and units that will last a shorter time and can handle a smaller amount of water. However, keep in mind that every model will require you to replace the cartridges every 6 months or so.

  • Several types of filter cartridges

  • If you want to enjoy a high performance in filtering the water, you must choose units that include at least two types of filters, usually a prefilter and another type of cartridge. The prefilter acts as a bumper for the cartridge because it retains the larger particles that would otherwise damage the fine porosity of the second cartridge that is usually an activated carbon one.

  • Advanced contaminant removal

  • It is the combination of various types of cartridges that influences the contaminant removal rate of the filter. A good unit will handle the unpleasant odor and taste caused by chlorine in water, will remove large residues and deposits like rust and sand, and will also deal with volatile organic compounds, pesticides, and industrial solvents often found in tap water.

  • Efficient water softener

  • Besides the water filtering capacities, the device you are looking for should also handle the hard water issue that is caused by the minerals in the water. However, it shouldn’t remove the good minerals as well, such as calcium and magnesium, but should only interfere with the ones that cause limescale.

  • UV Light

  • In order to extend their performance, some of the best whole house water filters and softeners are paired with a UV light that completes the water filtration process. Although the filters are already designed to remove bacteria from the water, a UV light feature increases their efficiency and guarantees that the water resulted will be 100% pure and safe for drinking. Such a device is highly recommended in areas with severe water pollution and in case you want to make sure the water you and your family drink, especially if you have babies. Also, we recommend that you choose a model that comes with the amazing UV light to ensure that the water you drink will be truly clean.

The Most Trustworthy Brands of the Moment

Every area of the market has its favorite brands that manage to stay at the top due to the attention they put into designing high-quality products. In the water filter and softener area, there are a few brands that have gained the trust of their clients in time with the advanced and efficient filters they have been constantly developing. Discover below the top 3 favorite brands customers are very pleased with.

  • Pelican

  • One of the most powerful brands is Pelican and all of their products are designed with performance and convenience in mind. The range of products provided includes water filters, water softeners, well water filters, UV filters, shower filters, and replacement parts and filter cartridges for every product they sell. Pelican really puts a high price on water quality so they only provide system you can count on when handling water safety matters. Among their top products, you will find the water filter and softener combined with the added efficiency of the UV light that will target every aspect of the water quality in your house. The high price of this product is a match for its quality, durability, and performance.

  • Aquasana

  • Another popular brand that has managed to remain one of the favorites of customers is Aquasana, a reputable manufacturer that aims to provide the most reliable and durable water filtration systems. They provide anything from counter filters to whole house systems and water softeners that combine only the latest technologies in order to maintain a high operating standard. Their combo of water filter and softener is an excellent choice that ensures a safe and clean water for a very long time. Although very expensive, this unit will make up for its money and will offer a high level of satisfaction.

  • Crystal Quest

  • Our third brand option is a more affordable one that provides filters of a high quality for those who want to shorten their investment. Crystal Quest manages to combine affordability and performance into water filters that meet the needs of every family. You can find a wide range of products from this manufacturer and the best part is that you will be able to save some money without sacrificing quality. The water filter and softener we have chosen is an excellent product that includes a series of features that keep up with technology advancements.

What’s Behind Our Whole House Softeners Reviews

  • We rated the filtering capacity

  • When we analyzed the three products in our comparison, we rated them according to their filtering capacity. The first two models were designed to filter as much as 1,000,000 gallons of water or over 3 million liters, which is the highest capacity available in a whole house water filter. This not only means extended protection against water contaminants but also less maintenance and fewer costs in the long run.

  • We analyzed the temperature and pressure range

  • This aspect is important because you will want your filter and softener to handle both cold and hot water and you wouldn’t want it to be damaged by a high water pressure. The Pelican has proven to be the most versatile as it can handle temperature as high as 120F while the one that withstood the highest pressure was Crystal Quest.

  • We looked at the flow rate

  • Often, installing a water filter tempers with the flow rate of the tap water meaning the water will not flow at the same intensity is used to, therefore, we looked for devices that will not affect this aspect. Our top choice, the Pelican model, provides an incredible flow rate of 15 gallons per minute, being the most impressive from this point of view.

  • We tested for contaminant removal

  • Without a doubt, how many contaminants a filter can remove is an important detail in deciding its efficiency so we looked only for those that could eliminate a wide range of impurities from the unpleasant chlorine odors to the very dangerous pesticides, industrial solvents, and VOCs. We were very pleased with the performance shown by the Pelican although the last two weren’t far from matching its efficiency.

  • We checked the softener technology

  • To make sure the units chosen will meet all the needs of the customer, we chose the most efficient softener that was able to reduce the hardness of the water by removing the minerals that caused it. However, we also ensured that the softener will not eliminate the good minerals along the process.