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Step 1

We analyze the water filters very well before drawing a conclusion.

Step 2

The water filters are ran through a series of tests to determine their efficiency.

Step 3

We compare the water filters to other similar models.

Step 4

We look for the best price-quality ratio.

The analysis

It would be impossible for you to check every water filter on the market, which is why we do this for you. Every water filter we review is thoroughly analyzed so we can see how well it yields in removing water contaminants. We look at its flow rate, the type of cartridges it uses, the amount of water contaminants it can remove, the ease of use and maintenance, and more. We classify the water filters according to their type, size, and technical specifications so we will have a clear view on what to look for.

The tests

Before rating a water filter, we also perform some tests that determine the exact performance of the filter. It's very important to see how a particular model handles a wide range of contaminants and how many of them it manages to remove. Each filter goes through a water filtering test in order to see how well it can capture and retain water contaminants existing in your tap or well water. According to their results, we rate the performance of each model and you can be sure that the water filters will work as expected.

The Comparison

When we analyze and test a certain water filter model, we also compare it to other models to see which is more efficient. There are filters that have been designed for removing the same contaminants by using the same type of cartridge but not all of them manage to offer 100% efficiency. It is our job do decide which water filter is less efficient so you will know which one to choose. By comparing water filters, we can discover the pros and cons of various models and it is easier for us to offer you unbiased reviews.

Price Considerations

There are water filters that cost a lot of money but don't offer the desired efficiency and those are the models you would want to avoid. We value your purchase so we try to find the best water filter that comes at a reasonable price and shows the highest performance in removing all the harmful contaminants in the water. After reading our reviews, you will know which water filter is worth the investment and which are the models you should stay away from.

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